Thursday, September 26, 2013

New book on Israeli Magach tanks from SabIngaMartin Publications

Dr. Robert Manasherob of SabIngaMartin Publications has sent in the following information about his latest book.
This book is volume 1 in the “Magach tanks of the IDF” series on Israeli M48’s Patton tanks in IDF service and covers M48A1 (Magach 1) and M48A2C (Magach 2) tanks and their first years of operation.

Authored by Dr. Robert Manasherob, a world recognized expert on Israeli military tanks and vehicles, this book contains dozens of new and never published photos, new and accurate info and facts, results of several years of research, 1/35 scale drawings of M48A1 and M48A2C tanks, color profiles, more than 180 photos including action photos, crew photos, walk around photos, unique markings and illustrations.

Amongst the contents are the following:

■80 pages – B&W and full color
■More than 180 B&W and color photos and illustrations
■Dozens of unique and previously unpublished photos
■In-action photos
■Walk-around photos
■Crew photos
■1/35 scale line drawings
■Unique markings
■Detailed color profiles
■Tactical markings
More information can be found at SabIngaMartin Publications.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1/35 sIG 33/2 Conversion from L.Z. Models

Libor at L.Z. Models has sent in an update for an upcoming release.
No. 35400 1/35 German sIG 33/2 is a conversion for the Tamiya or other manufacturers Hetzer kits.  It includes 120+ resin and 300+ PE parts. 

More details can be found at L.Z. Models


Cool stuff from Mirror Models!

Lots of cool stuff inbound from Mirror Models Ltd.  First up are several different wheel and tire (tyre) sets.
MM55011 1/35 Dunlop 10.5x16 wheel set

MM35012 1/35 Dunlop 9.5x16 wheel set

MM35013 Dunlop Trak Grip 9x16 wheel set

MM35014 1/35 Firestone 10.5x16 wheel set

MM35015 Goodyear 9.5x16 wheel set

These sets are for use with CMP, British and various trucks used in Europe during WW II.  Each set includes 18 plastic parts and 5 silicone rubber tires (tyres).
MM35000 1/35 Tyre set 1

MM35300 1/35 Italian 20mm Breda Gun Mod. 39. 

30+ plastic parts per gun along with PE ammo trays.  2 guns per kit.
The below shots of the soon to be released Chevy C60L GS and Diamond T 969 Wrecker are computer renderings using 3D design software.

Thanks to Libor at LZ Models for the update.