Monday, April 30, 2012

New 1/48 armor items from Tank Workshop

Jay Galbierz, the owner and operator of Tank Workshop has updated his fine line of resin kits and aftermarket items with following new 1/48 scale armor items. 
First off is kit #TWS 48300/301, Chevrolet WB 30CWT LRDG Truck.

This is a complete resin kit, not a conversion.  #48300 is the standard LRDG truck variant while #48301 is the heavy weapons carrier mounting .50cal & .30cal machine guns.  They both retail for $48.00 each.

Next up is #TWS 48303, Firefly turret for the Tamiya Sherman kits.  This resin turret includes an RB Model turned aluminum 17lbr barrel and muzzle brake.  It retails for $17.00

The third release is #TWS 48304, Commonwealth Bomb Throwers.  These are the type of smoke bomb projectors found on Commonwealth tanks.  Four launchers are included in the set which retails for $5.00.

Last but not least is #TWS 48206, Israeli Diesel Engine Deck Conversion (early style) for Shermans.  This conversion will allow the modeler to convert the gasoline powered Shermans into the early type diesels seen on the M1 Super Shermans and M50's.  It includes the early bar style main gun travel lock.  The price on this set is $6.50.

All of these items and more are available directly from Tank Workshop.

Thanks to Jay for sending the update information.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Israeli Sherman stuff from SabIngaMartin!

SabIngaMartin Publications is well known for its fine line of books on Arab and Israeli armor.  Recently, Dr. Manasherob has started producing decals and figures to go with the book line up.  Today, he released 5 new Israeli Sherman related items.

First up is M50 & M51 Sherman Tanks-Part 1, SIM-006.  This 1/35 decal set covers multiple tanks as seen in Lion and Lioness of the Line, volumes 1 & 2.

Next is M50 Sherman Tanks-Part 2, SIM-007.  This set covers M50 tanks seen in Lion and Lioness of the Line, volumes 1 & 2.

Last up is M50 Sherman Tanks-Part 3, SIM-008.  This set covers even more M50's seen in Lion and Lioness of the Line, volumes 1 & 2.
All of the above sets are available for $10.00 plus shipping.  No word yet if they will be available in 1/48 or 1/72 scales.

Along with the decal sets, 2 sets of resin detail parts are now available.  First off is Early IDF Sherman Storage Boxes, Part 1, SIM-009.

These boxes are seen on Shermans featured in Lion and Lioness of the Line, volumes 5 & 6.

Early IDF Sherman Storage Boxes, Part 2, SIM-010, also feature boxes seen on the Shermans featured in Lion and Lioness of the Line, volumes 5 & 6.
Each set consists of 2 resin boxes and retails for $14.00 per set plus shipping.  

All of the above items plus many more are currently available at SabIngaMartin Publications.  My thanks to Dr. Robert Manasherob for the update. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New release updates from Bronco Models: 88mm Flak 41 & LCS

Back in March, I posted some new release news for Bronco Models.  Today, they've sent in some updates for a pair of those new releases.

First off is kit #CB35067, German 88mm L/71 Flak 41 Anti-Aircraft Gun with crew.  The crew figures are from Dragon Models Ltd (DML).  This kit is 1/35 scale.

For you naval enthusiasts, here's a kit of the U.S. Navy's latest vessel:  kit #NB5026, U.S.S. Coronado, LCS-4.  This is a 1/350 scale kit.

No release dates or prices have been set as of yet.  Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models for the updated information.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

MVCC's Camp Delta begins today!

The Military Vehicle Collector's of California or MVCC holds two major vehicle events each year.  Today marks the start of the Spring edition of Camp Delta at Tower Park in Lodi, CA.  Running today thru Sunday, 22APR2012, Camp Delta is the biggest annual military vehicle event in the west with upwards of 200 military vehicles being present at any one time!  Visitors to the event will see various jeeps, trucks, motorcycles and even armored vehicles. 

Each year, there is a vehicle showcase in which a certain type of vehicle or a specific manufacturer is highlighted.  In the Spring 2011 event, the showcase featured "Military Dodges" such as the WC-12 seen above and the WC-57 seen below:
This Spring's event has been titled "Concours d' Eleguns"  and will take place on Friday, 20APR2012 beginning at 0830.  The theme for the "Concours" is mounted and towed ordnance.  One of the highlight vehicles of this event will be the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation's (MVTF) M551 Sheridan:
Other events include "Engineer and Work Vehicles" also on Friday and "All IHC Motor Pool"  for International brand military vehicles on Saturday, 21APR2012. 

This week long event is open to the public and admission is free for day use.  The camp sites maybe sold out, so it is best to check with the Tower Park KOA for availability.  For more information, please visit the MVCC's Spring 2012 Camp Delta at Tower Park page. 

I'll be there starting Thursday, 19APR thru Sunday, 22APR and will be working the MVTF's display.  I'll be blogging and tweeting from the site with pictures and updates.  My twitter handle is @toadmanstanks

Monday, April 9, 2012

New releases from Ampersand Publishing!

I received this update from Ampersand Publishing a little bit later than everyone else, but will expect to be on the regular update list from now on.    Known for their fine line of publications including Military Miniatures in Review (MMiR), Allied-Axis, and their Visual History Series Ampersand Publications has announced three new releases.

First up is MMiR #55.  Below are some sample pages:

 The list price for this issue is $9.95.

Next up is the latest installment of the Allied-Axis series, #27:

The retail price on AA27 is $15.95.

Rounding out the new releases is a new addition to the Visual History Series:
The Churchill Tank Part 2:  Churchill Based Vehicles

The retail price on this volume is $19.95. 

Ampersand Publications items can be purchased via their website or most hobby shops.  In the U.S.A, MMiR can usually be found at Barnes and Noble.

Thanks to the guys at  Ampersand Publications for the update info.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Update from Bronco Models: 1/35 SU-152 (KV-14)

On March 12, Bronco Models announced a new 1/35 SU-152 (KV-14) "Late Production" kit.  Today, they've added more details about their new kit:

I don't have a release date or price yet.  As soon as I find out, I'll post more details.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New book release: The Sign of the Eagle by Jess Steven Hughes

I guess writing runs in my family as my dad's first book, The Sign of the Eagle has just been published by Sunbury Press.  Below is the description from the publisher's website:

The Sign of the Eagle. This breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense is set in the year 71 A.D. amid the exotic and vibrant streets of Ancient Rome. Macha, the strong-willed daughter of a legendary Celtic British king and wife of the Roman tribune, Titus, is the only one who can prove her husband innocent of treason, solve the murders of two slaves who possessed information that could have exonerated Titus, and ultimately save the life of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

Vivacious and iron-willed, Macha undertakes a dangerous journey and fight for her life to evade assassins through the city's treacherous back alleys, notorious bath houses, and the awe-inspiring palaces of the Roman elite. With time running out to save her husband and the emperor from certain death, Macha can count on only two allies, the esteemed Senator Bassus-a family friend-and her faithful slave, a resolute and clever Moorish woman, Shafer.

Arrayed against Macha and Titus are the wealthy and wicked Pollia, once scorned as a bride by Titus, and Falco, a military tribune and womanizer, who offers to be Macha's protector once Titus is condemned and executed.

Join Macha in her quest to exonerate her husband...and discover the real threat against the Emperor...

This volume is 308 pages.

In keeping it with the family, my cousin Katrina Brennan created the cover artwork for the book.

Needless to say, I won't be posting a review of it once I've read it since afterall, it is my dad's book. However, I'm sure it'll be pretty good.