Saturday, May 19, 2012

More releases from Bronco Models!

Rubin at Bronco Models has sent in the posters for the next additions to their line of 1/35 military kits.
First up, CB35072, M24 Chaffee (Post-War Version) Service in Asian Army Force
In this kit, you get to choose from Taiwanese, South Korean, Pakistani, ARVN, or Japanese vehicles.  The poster also indicates a .50cal with flash suppressor and rubber chevron track.

Next up is kit CB35124, 8-rad Panzerfunkwagen Sd.Kfz.263 (Mod.1939).
No other details are available about this kit.

Third up is CB35135, "Pheasant" 17/25pdr Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set (Tunisia, Sicily & Italy)
This five figure crew set is for the Bronco 17/25pdr "Pheasant" kit.

To round things out is AB3557, Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set

Two previously announced kits are also updated with production posters:
CB35036 Zrinyi II SPG
and CB35111 OQF 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun Mk.I/III

No details about release dates or prices have been announced.
Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models for the updates.

M109A6 Paladin kit from Riich.Models!!

Hot on the heels of their announcement of two M109 155mm howitzer track sets, Riich. Models has announced that they'll be producing a M109A6 Paladin to go with these tracks:

The 1/35 scale kit is product number RV35006.  No other news is available at this time.  I'll post more info about this kit as it becomes available.
Thanks to Rubin at Riich. Models for the update. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

IDF Centurion decals from SabIngaMartin Publications

Dr. Robert Manasherob of SabIngaMartin Publications has just announced the release of 3 new 1/35 scale decal sets to go along with his Centurion books.
The first set is SIM-011, Shot Kal Alef Centurion tanks of Yom Kippur War-Part 1.  This set features the markings of Lieutenant Colonel Avigdor Kahalani tanks as seen in Centurion Tanks of the IDF, Shot Kal Alef volume 3.

SIM-012, Shot Kal Alef Centurion Tanks of Yom Kippur War-Part 2 features markings for 6 tanks as seen in Centurion Tanks of the IDF, Shot Kal Alef volume 3.

Last but not least is SIM-013, Centurion Tanks of IDF-Part 1.  This set covers the first Shot tanks based on Mk 5 and Mk 8 Centurions as seen in Centurion Tanks of the IDF, Shot volume 1. 

All 3 sets retail for $10.00 each and are available through the SabIngaMartin Publications website.
Thanks to Dr. Manasherob for the updates!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Riich. Models: New track sets for M109 155mm howitzer

Just in time to go with the new M109 155mm howitzer kits that are coming out, Riich. Models has announced two new sets of tracks for the kits.
First up is the T-154 Workable Track Link Set for M108 & M109 SPH, kit # RV30001.

The next set is kit #RV30002, T-136 Workable Track Link Set for M108 & M109 SPH.
No release date or price has been set yet on either kit.

Thanks to Rubin at Riich. Models for the update.