Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Squadron Walk Around: FT-17/M1917 WW I Tanks Walk Around

David Doyle is back with a new book.  FT-17/M1917 WW I Tanks Walk Around  is loaded with photos of various surviving FT's and M1917's from around the world.  If you have any of the RPM or Mirage kits, this book will be beneficial.  However, it does not have photos of any of the signal type FT's.  Then again, I don't know if there are any left in existence. 
Available in paper back and hard cover, it can be purchased from Squadron  and Amazon.

Thanks to David Doyle for my sample copy.  And yes, I do have several photos in this book.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Revised Bronco Model M24 Chaffee (British version) artwork

Bronco Model has revised the artwork for their M24 Chaffee (British version) that will be released sometime after the American one.  Compare it to the initial artwork posted about 10 days ago:
The markings are completely different along with the addition of a spare road wheel on the glacis plate.  Furthermore, the step on the right hand side final drive cover is missing along with the turret mounted .50 caliber M2.

That's all for now.  I'll post more updates as I receive them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Squadron M41 Walker Bulldog Walk Around by...ME!!

Yes, that's right!  My first book has officially been released by SquadronM41 Walker Bulldog Walk Around features photos of several different M41's on display in the U.S.  It also includes many detail drawings and several color plates.  This M41 book is the first of several Walk Arounds that I'm working on for Squadron.  They are a logical extension of my photo detail CD line.

The book can be purchased directly from Squadron in the traditional soft cover format or in their new hard cover format.  This is my first book, so I hope you guys like it!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A second M24 Chaffee from Bronco: British Army Version

Hot on the heels of their initial M24 Chaffee, Bronco Model has announced a 2nd version of the M24, this one being a British Army version.
No other details have been released about the kit.  Based on the artwork, some additions may/will include a Number 19 aerial base, a stowage box on the left fender, and a gunner's sight cage.  Possible a figure or 2 as well.  No release date has been set at this time.

With regards to the U.S. version, it is due out sometime in November.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New decal company: LM Decals!!

Last week while scanning the various forums, I ran across a posting from the owner of a new decal company. LM Decals of Greece specializes in decals covering Greek AFV's and softskins. Their current online catalog lists 6 1/35 scale sheets and 4 1/72 scale sheets.  Vehicles covered include M113's, Deuce and a Halves (both WW 2 and post-war), military Dodges, Jeeps and more.  All sets are reasonably priced between 4.00 and 5.00 euros each and include plenty of marking options.  Shipping is a flat rate of 5.00 euros to anywhere.

Of the sets in their catalog, I quickly locked onto the one covering M24 Chaffees and M47 Pattons, #LM35003.  I quickly hit the PayPal button and paid my 10.00 euros/ $13.00 and ordered a set.  The next morning, I had an email from the company letting me know the decals were on the way.  Exactly 7 days after I ordered them, I received a notice from the post office that a piece of registered mail from Greece was waiting for me to pick it up.  Damn quick service I must say!!

Set #LM35003 for the M24 and M47 provides 16 different decal options for 15 different vehicles.  Included in these options are markings for a Turkish M47 that was used in the invasion of Cyprus.  This M47 was captured by Greek Cypriots and used against its former owners.  All of the decals on the sheet I purchased were in register.  The colors look good.  I haven't tried them out yet but they don't appear too thick.  Instructions are not included with the set.  Instead, a very well illustrated instruction set is available for download off of the LM Decals website.  The instructions consist of reference photos along with a numbered decal guide so you know what decal goes where on what tank.

 LM Decals is providing armor modellers with another alternative for marking/painting their kits.  The price is right and the service is excellent!  I wish them great luck in their endeavor. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally! A modern 1/35 M24 Chaffee kit!!

Bronco Model has just recently released the artwork and CAD drawings for their upcoming 1/35 M24 Chaffee.  For many years, modellers have been craving a new tooled M24 to replace the long in the tooth Italeri kit.  If the CAD drawing from Bronco are any indicator, it looks like that craving will be answered.

What I find interesting about this release is that Bronco is including a set of Dragon U.S. tanker figures.  Why is it interesting?  Well for several years now, Dragon's little propaganda site has been openly hostile towards Bronco releases.  Well, that matters little now as we'll soon have a new M24!!

I haven't bought any new kits for quite sometime as I have a decent stash and very little time to work on them.  Therefore, I can't really justify the expenditure.  However, when this kit comes out, I will make an exception as I too have been waiting for a new M24.  It'll be fun to check it out compared to the 2 M24's that are here in the SF Bay area.

Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Model for the artwork files.

BTW, look for a sale on CD #19 Toadman's Light Tank M24 Chaffee Photo Detail CD sometime in the next couple of days!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New SabIngaMartin book: Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats, Vol. I

Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats: Puma, Vol.I, by Dr. Robert Manasherob

The latest from Dr. Robert Manasherob is Volume I of Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats: Puma.  Released this past summer, its 80 pages are filled with photos, line drawings and color plates of the Puma.  The Puma is a Centurion based heavy APC used by Israeli combat engineers.  

To some, this maybe a familiar title as back in 2001, Dr. Manasherob wrote a similiar book, Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Part I: Achzarit and Puma.  The new book does include some photos from the first one but since it is long out of print with very few copies printed to begin with, the photos will be new to most readers.

Since Dr. Manasherob is a personal friend of mine, I will not comment on the quality or accuracy of the book.  However, it is pretty damn good and many of the photos in the book have never been published before.

This book and others from Dr. Manasherob can be purchased directly from his website, SabIngaMartin Publications.  Each book is $35.00 plus shipping.

Thank you to Dr. Manasherob for my sample copy.