Saturday, May 19, 2012

More releases from Bronco Models!

Rubin at Bronco Models has sent in the posters for the next additions to their line of 1/35 military kits.
First up, CB35072, M24 Chaffee (Post-War Version) Service in Asian Army Force
In this kit, you get to choose from Taiwanese, South Korean, Pakistani, ARVN, or Japanese vehicles.  The poster also indicates a .50cal with flash suppressor and rubber chevron track.

Next up is kit CB35124, 8-rad Panzerfunkwagen Sd.Kfz.263 (Mod.1939).
No other details are available about this kit.

Third up is CB35135, "Pheasant" 17/25pdr Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set (Tunisia, Sicily & Italy)
This five figure crew set is for the Bronco 17/25pdr "Pheasant" kit.

To round things out is AB3557, Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set

Two previously announced kits are also updated with production posters:
CB35036 Zrinyi II SPG
and CB35111 OQF 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun Mk.I/III

No details about release dates or prices have been announced.
Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models for the updates.

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