Monday, April 30, 2012

New 1/48 armor items from Tank Workshop

Jay Galbierz, the owner and operator of Tank Workshop has updated his fine line of resin kits and aftermarket items with following new 1/48 scale armor items. 
First off is kit #TWS 48300/301, Chevrolet WB 30CWT LRDG Truck.

This is a complete resin kit, not a conversion.  #48300 is the standard LRDG truck variant while #48301 is the heavy weapons carrier mounting .50cal & .30cal machine guns.  They both retail for $48.00 each.

Next up is #TWS 48303, Firefly turret for the Tamiya Sherman kits.  This resin turret includes an RB Model turned aluminum 17lbr barrel and muzzle brake.  It retails for $17.00

The third release is #TWS 48304, Commonwealth Bomb Throwers.  These are the type of smoke bomb projectors found on Commonwealth tanks.  Four launchers are included in the set which retails for $5.00.

Last but not least is #TWS 48206, Israeli Diesel Engine Deck Conversion (early style) for Shermans.  This conversion will allow the modeler to convert the gasoline powered Shermans into the early type diesels seen on the M1 Super Shermans and M50's.  It includes the early bar style main gun travel lock.  The price on this set is $6.50.

All of these items and more are available directly from Tank Workshop.

Thanks to Jay for sending the update information.

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