Monday, March 12, 2012

New kit news from Bronco Models!

Bronco Models has just announced its list of kit releases for March 2012.  Six kits have been listed which should make both armor and ship modellers happy.

Modellers of Axis armor kits will be very happy to see this one:
 CB35036 Hungarian 40/43M "Zrinyi" II 105mm Assault Gun.  AFAIK, this is the first time a kit of this vehicle has been made available in injection moulded plastic.

Axis modellers get some anti-aircraft artillery with this one:
CB35067 German 88mm L/71 Flak 41 Anti-Aircraft Gun with crew.  Crew figures are provided by Dragon Models Ltd.(DML).

Allied modellers get some love too.  Announced in late 2011, but available this month is:

CB35068 Light Tank M-24 "Chaffee" (British Army).  This kit is based on the earlier U.S. version (kit #CB35069) but has a few changes to model a vehicle as seen in British Army use.  Plus, the problem with the turret roof that was seen on CB35069 has been rectified.  
A surprise release is this one:
CB35109 Russian Heavy Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 (KV-14) "Late Production".  I guess it's time to ditch the old Eastern Express kits when this one comes out!

Following up on their previous 40mm Bofors Canadian version is a British one:
CB35111 OQF 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun Mk.I/III (British Version).  This kit will be very versatile for modellers.
All of the above are in 1/35 scale.

Last but not least, the ship modellers get a current U.S. vessel in 1/350 scale:

NB5026 LCS-4 U.S.S. Coronado.  I don't know much about ships or ship kits, but this one looks pretty cool.

For the record, I have submitted photos and measurements for future projects to Bronco Models for several projects during the past few months.
Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models for the new release pics!

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