Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 more updates from Bronco Models (updated 14MAR2012)

Late last night, I received a couple of new images from Bronco Models for two new update sets. 
AB3556 Canvas Cover Limber No.27 goes with their Bishop and 25pdr kits. 

The next item is of greater significance, at least in my eyes:
CB35069SP Revised Turret for CB35069 US Light Tank M24 Chaffee (Early Prod).  This one piece update features the revised and corrected turret shell for use on their first M24 release.  Please note that the newest version, CB35068 M24 Chaffee "British" includes the corrected shell.

Prices have not yet been announced for either item.
Update 14MAR2012:   Bronco has said that the turret replacement part will be made available thru distributors.  The cost will be based on recouping packaging and materials costs.  Do Not contact Bronco for the replacement parts.  Also, every M24 kit produced after 1FEBRUARY2012 has the corrected parts in them.  Please check your kit before ordering the parts.
Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models for the images.

Note:  I have been supplying images and measurements to Bronco since December 2011 for several upcoming projects.

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