Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Local PBS affiliate filming at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation

Last week, the local PBS affiliate, KTEH, visited the MVTF to film a special show for Veteran's Day.  For this show, the Panther and the M551 Sheridan were brought outside.  The Sheridan was driven around with the show's host riding in it.  While not driven, the Panther was displayed in the museum courtyard.  Besides the Panther and Sheridan, the M4A1 Sherman and Kettenkrad were also featured in the filming.  The episode is due to air in the San Francisco Bay Area on Wed, 10NOV10 @ 7pm.  Here's a link to the show's blog:  "This is US" MVTF episode
Below are some pics of the Panther and M551.

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