Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vulcan Models 1/35 British Light Tank Mk VI C in box preview

Vulcan Models 1/35 British Light Tank Mark VI C, kit #56009

This is the latest in the line of Vickers Mk VI tanks from Vulcan Models and follows last year's release of their Vickers Mk VI B. 
Molded in grey plastic, their are 6 parts sprues, plus 1 in clear plastic.  The lower hull tub is a one piece assembly. Also included are 2 photo etch frets, and various wires and springs for the suspension units.  Decals for 2 vehicles are also included. 
Below are pictures of the various sprues:

Most of the sprues are the same as the previous Mk VI B.  However, a different sprue for the 15mm and 7.92mm BESA guns is included.

Markings included are for a tank belonging to the 9th Lancers in France during 1940 and a tank from the No.1 Independant Tp, RTR, Nov 1940-27Jan42, "Malta Tanks" until Aug 1943.

Overall, the quality of molding looks very good.  My example has very few injector pin marks to worry about.  As I have "0" references on this vehicle, I cannot comment on the accuracy of it.  However, the driver's compartment is rather disappointing as it is just a seat and nothing else.  Hopefully, we'll get an interior set soon from somebody like Inside the Armour.  Hey Chris, are you reading this?!  Having started to work on the earlier kit along with seeing builds of it online, there are lots of delicate parts to work with so patience and care are a must.
Thanks to Leo at Vulcan Models for the sample kit.
Please note that I sent Vulcan numerous reference photos of the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation's Mark VI A back in 2008 for their use in designing some of their kits.

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