Monday, August 13, 2012

5 new kits announced by Bronco Models!

Bronco Models has been bringing out quite a few kits recently and have now announced five more new 1/35 scale ones!  First up is kit #CB35085, British Humber Armored Car Mk. II.
This kit follows up on their earlier Humber Mk IV Armored Car.

Next is kit #CB35097, Panzerjager II fuer 7.62cm Pak (Sd.kfz.13) Marder II D.

The next kit should also be welcome by fans of WW II German armor, kit #CB35127, Schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (7.5cm) Sd.Kfz.233 (mod.1942).

With several variations of the M24 Chaffee previously announced and released, this next one should come as no surprise.  Kit #CB35139, U.S. M24 "Chaffee" Light Tank in Korean War.

The fifth and final release should come as a big surprise to all:  kit #CB35106, US GPW 1/4ton 4x4 Utility Truck (Mod.1942) w/10-cwt Trailer & Airborne Crew.
The jeep has picqued my curiosity the most of the 5 kits, especially with the "Mod.1942" designation.  Jeeps can be a real minefield with all of the changes made during their production.  I've also never seen the trailer designated as a "10-cwt", at least under U.S. designations.  I sure hope Bronco has done their reseach or they may get pretty well cut-up on this one.
The GPW is 100% new tooling.

No release dates or prices have been announced.  Thanks to Rubin at Bronco Models

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