Thursday, June 13, 2013

New stuff from L.Z. Models and Mirror Models

Since I'm spending the next 7 hours photographing and watching dress rehearsals for my daughter's dance show, I figure it's a good time to get caught up on some upcoming release information.
Libor at L.Z. Models has sent in some updates for upcoming releases from him and his partners at Mirror Models.
First up, from L.Z. Models, are a few update sets: 
No. 35309 1/35 German Kunze-Knorr Wagon Brake
No. 35310 German Hildebrand-Knorr Wagon Brake for Trumpeter & Dragon flatbed-type wagons.

No. 35429 1/35 Detailing set for T20 Komsomoletz Tractor for the Mirror Models kit.

From Mirror Models are the following two new kits:
No. 35107 1/35 CMP F15 Italian Service Ford Truck with 20mm Breda Gun Mod.39 mounted.
No. 35803 1/35 US Diamond T968 Cargo Truck Hard Top Cab
Thanks to Libor at L.Z. Models for the update.


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