Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Israeli Sherman decals from SabIngaMartin Publications

Dr. Robert Manasherob of SabIngaMartin Publications has come out with 5 new decal sets for Israeli M1 and M51 Shermans based on photos and artwork found in two of his books.

SIM-017 M1 Sherman Tanks in IDF Part 1

SIM-018 M1 Sherman Tanks in IDF Part 2

SIM-019 M1 Sherman Tanks in IDF Part 3

SIM-020 M51 Sherman Tanks in SIX DAYS WAR Part 1

SIM-021 M51 Sherman Tank in SIX DAYS WAR Part 2

These sets are companion decals for SabIngaMartin Publications "Lioness and Lion of the Line" volume 10 and 12.  These sets allow the modeler to build most of the Sherman tanks that are presented in these two books.  The decals were researched by Dr. Robert Manasherob, a world recognized expert on Israeli military tanks and armor and are printed in Italy by Cartograf.

For more details, please visit SabIngaMartin Publications

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