Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dead camera

Well, today I was hoping to be able to post some pictures of the newest kit from Tasca, the M4A3E2 Jumbo.  Instead, I get to tell you that my 6 1/2 year old Nikon D70 has gone to electronic heaven.  Yep, the camera that I've used since mid-2004 has finally died.  Last night, I powered it up to shoot pics of the Jumbo sprues but instead of taking pictures, I heard a "whirring" noise and had a green screen instead of an image display.  This morning, it wouldn't even power up.

Upon visiting the camera store today, I was told that it really wasn't worth fixing.  It'll probably be in the $350-$400 range to repair.  Not really worth it considering a some of the newest ones that shoot at a much higher resolution are $650 or so.  Of course, this couldn't come at a worse time as my car needs a bunch of work as well. 

Oh well, what can you do?  Things are tough all over and it could always be worse, much worse.  Later tonight, I'll post pics of the Jumbo sprues, just much lower quality pics as I'll be using my daughter's old Samsung digi-cam.  Oh and BTW, I have 3 Tasca Jumbos for sale, $50.00 each plus shipping.  C-ya!!

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