Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lion & Lioness of the Line Vol. 6: Early IDF Sherman Tanks

Last Saturday, I received my copy of the latest in the line of IDF Sherman books from Dr. Robert Manasherob.  Lion & Lioness of the Line Volume 6:  Early IDF Sherman Tanks covers the first Shermans that were acquired by the Israelis during and after the War of Independance in the late 1940's.  As Dr. Manasherob and I are friends, I won't review the book but I can tell you what's in it.

The book is 80 pages in length with the first 43 pages featuring numerous period photos and some line drawings of the earliest Israeli Shermans.  The balance of the book contains colors photos of a M4(105)VVSS on display at Latrun and color plates.  The early Israeli Shermans were 47 degree hull M4(105)'s that were acquired from Italy.  With the announcement of the new M4(105)VVSS from Dragon, modellers will now have a good base kit to model most if not all of the Shermans in this book.

Dr. Manasherob also let me know that he should have another book ready to go sometime this month.  As soon as it's official, I'll post it here.

This book and all others from Dr. Manasherob can be purchased directly from him through the Sabingamartin Publications website.

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