Sunday, February 6, 2011

Israeli Half Tracks by Dr. Robert Manasherob

Yesterday, I had the chance to hang out with a friend of mine, Dr. Robert Manasherob, author of several books on Israeli and Arab armor.  He gave me a copy of his latest book, Israeli Half Tracks, volume 1.  This book is available through his site, SabIngaMartin Publications

The book is 80 pages in length and is loaded with photographs of M5 half-tracks and M14's converted into APCs as used by the Israelis during the 1948 war.  There are 4 pages of color photos showing an improvised flame thrower unit that was used in some of the half-tracks along with 30 pages of color photos showing the major frame and suspension components of a half-track under going restoration.  And finally, there are various 1/35 scale line drawings and 6 pages of color plates along with marking and painting information.

If you're into Israeli armor, this book is for you.  As mentioned above, this book can be purchased directly from Dr. Manasherob at SabIngaMartin Publications for $35.00 plus shipping.

Now if we can only get one of the major model manufacturers to come out with a kit of one of these vehicles....

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