Monday, February 7, 2011

My furry photo assistant

When I'm taking pictures at various museums, I get really involved in what I'm doing.  You know, trying to get the real good detail shot or trying to worm my way into places that my 255 pound frame was never meant to get into.  There are times when I get the feeling that I'm being watched, especially when I'm somewhere really quiet.  Well, that was the case this past weekend and this time, I was being watched:
 I'd like you to introduce you to my new photo assistant at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, "Adolph".  Yes, that's this cat's name, for obvious reasons.  If you ever make it to the MVTF, you'll probably see him as he's a fixture at the museum.  He's very friendly and quite often, one of the stars of the tour. 
During this photo visit, he decided to join me inside the Panther Ausf. A while I was taking pictures for some future projects.  As you can see below, he made himself right at home.
Once I climbed back outside of the turret, he was quick to follow me as he doesn't like being cooped up inside the tanks.  Can you blame him? 
Now along with my foot prints, I'm going to have to clean his paw prints off of the tank during a maintenance day at the museum in a couple of weeks.  At least he didn't leave a "present" inside the vehicle.

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