Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Earthquake

As you all know,  Japan was rocked by a huge earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami on Friday, 11MAR2011.   My wife and I were horrified as we watched live on TV, the tsunami making landfall and sweeping away everything in its path.  And in the few days since the disaster, things seem to be getting worse.

As model builders, many of our kits are designed and produced in Japan.  Many of us have contacts in Japan that we've met through our mutual hobby and have at least become online friends as a result.  Some of us may know people directly effected by the disaster, possibly with devastating consequences.

Sitting here, thousands of miles away, I wanted to do something to help.  So, I ask that you consider making a donation to one of the many relief funds that have been set up.  Prior to writing this, I did just that.  I couldn't send a lot but I managed something.  Considering what these folks are going through, I can afford to skip a few non-essentials this month.

The following links are to legitimate sites to make donations to for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.  Please help out!

These are just a couple of places and  I know that there are many others.  However, when making a donation, be sure to check carefully who you're giving to as sadly, not only do these disasters bring out the good in people, it also brings out many of the real scumbags in our world.

Thanks for reading this.  Hopefully, we'll start hearing some better news from Japan real soon.

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